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Sunset Flight at Fort Funston - Chris Carrillo

We lost a good friend and fellow pilot this past Sunday - Chris Carrillo.

Like many, I've had a difficult time accepting Chris' death - today I could talk about it at work without getting choked up - time does heal.

But, we're going to need more time for this one.

I've flown with Chris numerous times, and he was a regular fixture in our group of flying friends.  His flying style was slow and patient - maximizing any and all lift he could out of a flight, which often time resulted in he being the last to land at many of our flying trips. But, he could tear is up, too, if he wanted.

He was a naturally gifted pilot with a great smile and a great sense of humor - he was fun to be around and a wonderful human being.

Chris died April 21st while flying from Fort Funston south toward Half Moon Bay.  For whatever reason, he ended up in the surf by Devil's Slide and drowned.

My last visual of Chris was he and Dave Keisling flying south toward Pacifica while I navigated the Skyine Blvd and Hwy 1 interchange on that Easter Sunday. I was happy for both pilots. In less than two hours, we'd learn that Chris was missing - the next day, his death would be confirmed via the numerous articles that appeared on the internet.

There will be a giant hole at Fort Funston, but it will slowly get filled as we continue to fly hang gliders with the people we love.

The video above is from September 6, 2014, and can be found on Chris' YouTube channel.  It captures one of the most beautiful sunset flights that any human has ever experienced at Fort Funston.  And that human was Chris Carrillo.

We'll miss you Chris, and you will always be remembered.

Your friend,


Sunday, March 31, 2019

Funston Shear (3-30-19)

It has been awhile since I've been in a nice shear at Funston - yesterday a few of us got up into it.

Every shear is different, and this one had its own personality, texture, and feel - and had us all on the deck within an hour, but the time in the air made every step of my hike back on the beach worth it.

The wind was really cross, but everyone had decent launches - those that were patient and worked the north end of Funston were able to get up, and a few of us headed to Westlake and onward to Pacifica.

I could feel the shear change some by the time we were above the north end of Pacifica.  Dave and Chris appeared to be heading south toward Half Moon Bay because it seemed like it could be that day.  I gave chase, but noticed they were heading back north.

I decided to head back to Funston, also, and noticed diminished lift and very little ground speed - NNE winds at the Dumps were of concern, but there was plenty of beach.  I decided to simply go on glide and fly as far north as I could toward Funston and landed between the stables and the north end of Westlake - a good hike on the beach.

When I landed, I thought Chris and Dave may have headed further south, but it appears we were all on the ground within 5 to 10 minutes of each other - just one of those shears that gets you up really high, then puts you on the ground just as quick.

Fun day in the air, though!

Airtime:  38 minutes
Altitude:  1417' MSL

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Fort Funston (3-23-19)

This past Saturday delivered an exceptional flight at Funston - was in the air for 3 hours, 10 minutes, and passed the 900 hour mark for career airtime.

Maybe I'll reach 1000 hours this year!

Many of us reached 1300+ feet at Westlake and returned to Funston having not lost much of that altitude - great day.

The T2C flew great, and it was nice to have a performance glider given winds were NNW - sometimes straightening to WNW - then back to NNW.

It was nice to get a jump on the flying season like this - hopefully more days like this to come!

Airtime: 3 hours, 10 minutes
Altitude: 1312' MSL

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Slayin' It!

I've been out of the sport with a torn bicep tendon for the last 6 months - just started flying over the Christmas holiday and finally had a decent coastal soaring flight at the Fort - had not flown there since July 2017.

We called it well - got the sweet spot of the day (late morning) before things ramped up to 30+ mph at launch which made for a gnarly LZ...glad I was on the ground by that time.

Got in a sweet hour and seven minutes with JT, Ryan Hanson, Joey, and a bunch of paragliders out having fun.

Nice to be back in the air - let the 2018 flying season begin!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

CRV Launching at Funston (August 2, 2015)

Fun to see what the spectators post on YouTube - This is my new Sport 2 which was about 1-month old when this was filmed.

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